Benefits of an Expungement in California

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Being convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense in California comes with many harsh consequences. Luckily, California laws allow you to have your prior convictions dismissed and expunged – clearing your criminal record for the future. Aside from the personal satisfaction of having your convictions dismissed, obtaining an expungement in California has many benefits. Here are a few of the top benefits of clearing your California criminal record:

1) Getting a Job or Promotion

Most people trying to clear their criminal record are doing so to help them get a new job, a better job, or a promotion at their current job. Today, almost every employer (private and public) does a thorough background check before hiring someone. If your record and convictions are expunged (dismissed) you can truthfully and lawfully answer “no” if asked by a potential employer whether you have been convicted of a crime.

2) Obtaining a State License for your Profession

Many jobs today require you to be licensed by the State of California to do your job. Whether you work as a registered nurse, EMT, contractor, teacher, cosmetologist, bartender, accountant, real estate broker, or any other number of professions requiring a license, the presence of a criminal conviction could be the difference between obtaining your license and being denied (again). You are still required to disclose convictions on any application for a state license, as required by law, but an expungement is the first step toward showing the licensing agencies you are a law-abiding citizen and have taken responsibility to clear up any prior convictions.

3) Restore Student Loan Eligibility

Many students don’t realize that even a minor drug conviction can prevent them from obtaining student aid such as grants and student loans. An expungement can help restore student loan eligibility after a drug conviction in some of these circumstances.

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