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Arrest & Bench Warrants In Your Name? Defend Against Them!


Most of the time, people think about defending themselves in a criminal defense case only after they are officially charged with a crime. People who want to take the initiative and gain an advantage, though, will start protecting their good name even earlier. Through defense against a bench or arrest warrant, you might be able to sidestep charges and related complications altogether.

What are Bench & Arrest Warrants?

There are many situations in which law enforcement agencies have gathered evidence to reasonably believe someone committed a crime but the actual act of the crime being carried out was not witnessed. When this occurs, an arrest warrant is issued by a criminal court, which permits law enforcement officers to seek out and arrest the individual for the suspected crime. If someone fails to appear in court as ordered, usually after already being charged for a crime but being released on bail, then a bench warrant is issued. Just as with an arrest warrant, a bench warrant permits the police to place someone under arrest despite them not currently committing a crime.

Responding to a Warrant Correctly

Do you suspect you are being investigated for a criminal violation? Do yourself a favor and assume you are — and call our Santa Rosa criminal defense lawyer of the Law Offices of Evan E. Zelig, P.C. To defend yourself against a warrant, you need to know how to respond to one, or to the possibility of one. We will guide you through the process to make the right moves that begin constructing your defense upfront, instead of waiting for you to be put in handcuffs first.

In many situations, the best defense is coming to the courtroom on your own accord and with our defense attorney acting on your behalf. After hearing why the court issued an arrest or bench warrant in the first place, we may be able to argue why it is unjustified or unnecessary. If a warrant is cleared entirely, then it is possible the case itself will be dismissed before ever gaining ground against you.

What should you do after learning a warrant is out for your arrest? Start by calling (707) 418-5352 or filling out an online contact form today.