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  • How the Three Strikes Law Can Hurt Your Freedom
    How the Three Strikes Law Can Hurt Your Freedom

    One, Two, Three Strikes, You’re Out California’s Three Strikes law was implemented to decrease the rate of repeat offenders and encourage them to think twice before committing another criminal act. To ...

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  • Freedom of Speech & Arrests
    Freedom of Speech & Arrests

    It’s obvious that 2020 has already had its fair share of historical moments, and the year is only halfway through. It started with the COVID-19 pandemic in February, which is still impacting public ...

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  • Innocent People & False Confessions
    Innocent People & False Confessions

    Why People Admit to Crimes They Didn’t Commit 25% of overturned wrongful convictions involve a false confession, according to the California Innocence Project . What exactly does this statistic mean? ...

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  • Crime Increases in Warmer Weather
    Crime Increases in Warmer Weather

    With Higher Temperatures Comes Higher Crime Rates During the summertime, people normally look forward to relaxing on the beach and absorbing extra Vitamin D. However, most people don’t know that while ...

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  • Trial Strategies for Beating Domestic Violence Charges
    Trial Strategies for Beating Domestic Violence Charges

    We Know What It Takes As we quickly approach the time where people will be mandated to stay at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand the harmful implications this could have for those ...

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  • Domestic Violence Charges & Proceedings
    Domestic Violence Charges & Proceedings

    Nationwide, nearly 20 people are physically abused by an intimate partner per minute, equating to more than ten million men and women in a year. This statistic demonstrates how common domestic ...

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