Hit and Run Offenses

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The criminal act commonly known as a "hit and run" occurs when someone who is involved in a motor vehicle collision leaves the scene without properly identifying him or herself or by producing the proper driver documentation. According to California law, all individuals involved in car accidents must properly identify themselves if they injure another person or cause damage to another person's property - regardless of the amount of damage! If a person fails to properly identify him or herself and leaves the scene of the accident, he or she will be subject to criminal charges.

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Misdemeanor or Felony Hit and Run Offenses

Hit and run offenses in California may be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony depending on the seriousness of the accident, the extent of the damage caused, and the defendant's past criminal record.

The differences in classifications are outlined below:

  • Misdemeanor - For minor traffic accidents where there is minimal property damage and no physical injury, a misdemeanor offense will most likely be charged by the District Attorney's Office. Under California law, a misdemeanor hit and run is defined as, "a failure to immediately stop at the scene of a motor vehicle accident resulting in property damage."
  • Felony - When bodily injury or death results from the collision and resulting hit and run offense, a felony will most likely be charged by the District Attorney's Office. A felony hit and run in California is defined as, "a failure to immediately stop at the scene of a motor vehicle accident involving death or permanent injury to any person associated with the accident."

California Hit & Run Penalties

If a person is convicted of a hit & run offense in California the court will evaluate a variety of factors prior to sentencing.

Your penalties will vary depending on:

  • The nature of the accident
  • If any person was injured during the accident
  • The severity of the other person's injuries (if any)
  • Cooperation with law enforcement
  • The extent of property damage
  • If the defendant has any prior offenses on his/her criminal record

If a person is convicted of a hit and run offense they face the possibility of spending time in jail or prison, being supervised on a lengthy probation, paying large fines and fees, and losing their driver's license.

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