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Our Santa Rosa criminal defense firm has served 1,000s of clients, offering dedicated counsel throughout every step of the process. Our lawyer prioritizes client communication, ensuring that you always know where your case stands. For his results and client-recommended service, he has won a Client Distinction Award and selection for the 2015 list of Super Lawyers® Rising Starsâ„ .

In a criminal process filled with grueling interrogation, inauspicious stays in county jail, and indifferent bureaucrats, we at the Law Offices of Evan E. Zelig, P.C. approach each case with the passion it deserves. Our Santa Rosa criminal attorney will tirelessly review your case and work to present a strong defense on your behalf. Whether you are facing DUI or theft charges, manslaughter or gang offense violations, we are available 24/7 by phone to help you.

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Sonoma County Criminal Defense Attorney

Ensuring Your Constitutional Rights Are Protected

The California and U.S. Constitutions have many safeguards that protect Americans from potential abuses by their government. Abuses and mistakes can occur anywhere, however, including in Santa Rosa or elsewhere in Sonoma County and the North Bay Area.

As a defendant in any criminal proceeding, from drug possession and DUI to manslaughter, you have a right to: Hear your Miranda warnings, which include being notified of your right to a criminal defense lawyer; be free from being imposed with an unreasonable bail amount; know the reason for your arrest, plus hear the probable cause behind it or see a warrant; and be free from evidence obtained without warrant or probable cause.
If police collect evidence in violation of your rights, this evidence could be excluded at your trial. Your criminal lawyer must request a suppression hearing. There, the defense attorney can argue that evidence was obtained without a warrant and should be excluded, while the prosecutor would set forth reasons why the evidence was lawfully collected. If the criminal defense lawyer can win the suppression hearing and get evidence thrown out, the prosecutor might have to dismiss the charges due to a lack of evidence. Get a free consultation to discover if this is an option for you.

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