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Defending Against Arrest & Bench Warrants

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An arrest warrant is typically issued when law enforcement has enough evidence to suspect a crime has occurred. Bench warrants are issued after an individual failed to appear in court for a criminal activity. At the Law Offices of Evan E. Zelig, our Santa Rosa warrant defense attorney understands the criminal justice process and how to effectively handle warrants to avoid further penalties for our clients.

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If you are aware of an active arrest warrant or even suspect that there may be one, you should not wait until the worst possible moment to hire an attorney - when the authorities come to arrest you. Although many people may not even know that a warrant exists for their arrest, the moment you suspect you are being investigated for an illegal activity, call an attorney immediately. We can take steps to challenge the warrant and the allegations against you, and to scrutinize the evidence used to arrest you.

At our firm, we have more than a decade of experience representing clients in criminal defense cases, which include unresolved arrest warrants. Our lead attorney has hands-on experience dealing with warrants from both sides of the criminal justice system. We can think like law enforcement and see through their every action.

We can help you explore your options and responses to a warrant, which may include:

  • Appearing in court with your attorney to resolve the case and clear the warrant.
  • Posting bond with a licensed bail bond agency in Santa Rosa. This prevents you from being arrested and holds you responsible for showing up and paying the bond.
  • Turning yourself into the local jail and paying the full amount of bond in cash to be bailed out. This may be in addition to other fines and court costs that you owe.

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