What Are 10 Common Probation Violations in CA?

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Probation Is a Privilege, Not a Right. Act Wisely!

Probation is a type of community supervision that allows certain convicted offenders to serve their sentences outside of prison. The Sonoma County Probation Department in particular is notable for its mission to help probationers “overcome obstacles, promote positive behavior, change their thinking, and improve their quality of life.” Rather than suffering behind bars, eligible people can live in their communities and the comfort of their own homes.

But this privilege comes with great responsibility.

Probationers must adhere to rigorous standards and conditions to maintain their privilege. If they don’t, they may be subject to prison and extended probation, for instance. In Sonoma County, probationers can expect the following:

  • Office visits
  • Home visits
  • Referrals to treatment and other programs
  • Chemical testing
  • Detention alternatives (work release, electronic home confinement, etc.)

Each criminal case is different, therefore the expectations above are not comprehensive and may not accurately reflect the terms of your probation. They merely serve as an outline but exemplify the standards you may be required to meet. Our Santa Rosa criminal defense lawyer has helped a myriad of clients get their sentences reduced, including getting probation. This is a favorable option for most people but not everyone follows the rules.

As a result, many probationers suffer tighter restrictions on their sentences. That is why it is a good time to read the 10 common probation violations in California below so you can best avoid suffering probation violation penalties:

  1. Failure to appear in court
  2. Failure to pay court-ordered fines and fees (including restitution)
  3. Failing or refusing to take a drug test
  4. Failure to remain within a specified geographic area
  5. Failure to attend scheduled meetings with the probation officer
  6. Getting new criminal charges
  7. Failure to enroll in and/or complete court-ordered meetings and programs
  8. Failure to maintain employment
  9. Associating with people who commit or have committed crimes
  10. Possessing illegal drugs or weapons

People Make Mistakes. Our Job Is to Help Minimize the Impacts.

Our Santa Rosa probation violation lawyer at the Law Offices of Evan E. Zelig, P.C. understands the devastating impacts a probation violation can have. Not only could it derail your future but also extend your sentence to include further penalties and restrictions. But there is hope.

To learn how our team can work to alleviate the consequences of your probation violation, please reach out to us online or by calling (707) 418-5352 to schedule your free initial consultation!