How a DUI Affects Your Life

How a DUI affects your life

A DUI charge can have a negative impact on your life. While a conviction can result in license suspension, fines, and even jail time, even a mere arrest can harm your professional reputation and personal life in numerous ways.

The following are several ways a DUI can ruin your life:

  • Potential jobs – If you are interested in finding a job, most employers perform criminal background checks before hiring prospective employees. A DUI conviction can ruin your chances of getting hired.
  • Current employment – Some employers have policies about criminal arrests and convictions. If your employer has such a policy, you could be fired. Furthermore, many professional licenses (e.g. doctors, nurses, lawyers, and teachers) require you to disclose any arrests to the licensing agency, which means you could lose a license if you were charged with a DUI. Lastly, you could risk losing your job by constantly being tardy or absent due to driver’s license suspension, court appearances, and even mandatory imprisonment.
  • College or university – Not only do many schools not accept applicants with a DUI conviction on their record, but these individuals may also lose the scholarship and grant opportunities. For current students, many colleges have a policy for reporting crimes. An arrest or conviction can result in suspension or expulsion. When it comes to indirect impact, driver’s license suspension and spending time behind bars can lead to constant tardiness and absence.
  • Auto insurance rates – After getting convicted, your auto insurance premiums will significantly increase because drunk drivers are considered “high-risk” individuals. While your insurance rates may double or triple over the course of three to five years, some insurers will cancel your coverage entirely. A DUI conviction carries with it a high financial toll; possibly increasing one’s auto insurance premiums upwards of 71%. And because your auto insurance premiums are affected by your credit score, the inability to handle this increase also impacts your financial future for years to come. While these truths may seem daunting, we at Law Offices of Evan E. Zelig, PC will do everything in our power to aggressively defend your rights and ensure you formidable representation.

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