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Arrested for DUI on Labor Day in Sonoma County?


National holidays, such as Labor Day, can be a great opportunity to relax and share a few drinks with family and friends. However, the break from a stressful work routine can lead people to drive home after having too much to drink, putting them at risk for a run in with the law. It is a common tactic of law enforcement to ramp up DUI checkpoints during the holidays and this Labor Day weekend was no exception. A spokesperson for the Santa Rosa police announced that over an 18 day period ending on Labor Day, the increased effort to find drunk drivers resulted in more than 100 arrests.

Make no mistake, DUI is a serious criminal offense and even first-time offenders can be facing time in jail, steep fines, a suspended license, and the possible installation of an ignition interlock device. While specific punishments will vary from case to case, charges are generally influenced by factors including, how fast you were going, blood alcohol content (BAC), and any prior DUI convictions.

What If I Have Been Arrested?

Police may attempt to convince you that you do not have a fighting chance at overcoming the charges against you. Do not listen. A charge for DUI is not the end of the world, it is the beginning of your case. What police do not want you to know is that the majority of tests and “evidence” used in a DUI case are unscientific and unreliable. Even if you failed a field sobriety test or blew a .08% or above on a breathalyzer, you may still be able to win your case.

Steps to take if you have been arrested for DUI include:

  • Do not talk about your arrest publically: After a stressful event such as a DUI arrest, it may be tempting to take to social media and vent your frustration. Remember, anything that you say or do online may be used against you during your legal battle.
  • Do not drive on a suspended license: If law enforcement has found you to be in violation of drunk driving laws, it is likely that your license will be suspended. While this is an administrative penalty, driving with a suspended or revoked license is a criminal offense.
  • Contact an attorney: If left uncontested, the evidence and testimony of police officers can greatly damage the chances of a successful outcome in your case. Furthermore, an attorney can help protect you from self-incrimination and can advise you on every step of your dealings with the police.

If you were pulled over this Labor Day weekend and charged with driving under the influence, do not waste any time in contacting the Law Offices of Evan E. Zelig, P.C. An accusation of DUI is far from a conviction and the first step in beating the charges against you is to understand your legal options. Our lead Santa Rosa DUI attorney has substantial experience helping clients to understand and overcome drunk driving charges and when you are ready to take action, help is only a phone call away.

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