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  • Can a Passenger Get a DUI in California?
    Can a Passenger Get a DUI in California?

    In California, you cannot be arrested for DUI for being a passenger in a motor vehicle that is driven by an intoxicated motorist. However, there are a few circumstances where it is possible a ...

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  • A Host of New CA Criminal Justice Laws Go Into Effect in 2020
    A Host of New CA Criminal Justice Laws Go Into Effect in 2020

    Last year, California’s legislature was busy proposing new state laws, many of which Governor Gavin Newsom approved. Now, in 2020, residents will see several of those taking effect. Below are some of ...

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  • California “Age of Consent” Laws
    California “Age of Consent” Laws

    The “age of consent” laws define the legal age a male or female must be to provide consent to sexual activity, including intercourse. In California, the age of consent is 18 years old, which means a ...

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  • 4 Common Holiday Crimes in California
    4 Common Holiday Crimes in California

    Although the holidays in California lack freezing temperatures and snowfall compared to other states, many state residents still celebrate the same way by exchanging gifts, attending festive events, ...

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  • California Self-Defense Laws
    California Self-Defense Laws

    If you are accused of assault, murder, or another violent crime while protecting yourself from imminent danger, your criminal defense attorney can claim you acted in self-defense to get your entire ...

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  • Motion to Suppress
    Motion to Suppress

    If you have been charged with a criminal offense but you believe law enforcement obtained evidence through illegal means, the evidence could be deemed inadmissible in court through a motion to ...

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