Obtaining a Conditional License after a DUI Conviction

How to Obtain a Restricted License in CA

After a DUI conviction, you are likely facing serious penalties and difficult logistical issues. Your license may have been suspended for months or years and you are likely left wondering how you are going to get to work or run errands or continue your daily routines.

Fortunately, there is a possibility that you could obtain a conditional license after a DUI conviction. Whether or not you are eligible is a matter that will depend on the facts of your case. Should you decide to pursue this option, you will need to draw upon the guidance and advice of a skilled attorney.

Eligibility for a Conditional License in California

Many complex laws govern whether or not you are able to obtain a conditional license after being convicted of DUI. Although there are some basic requirements to being eligible for a conditional or hardship license, your case may lead to different results.

The basic requirements for getting a hardship license in California include:

  • Previous possession of a non-commercial driver license
  • Proof of enrollment in a DUI treatment program
  • Proof of financial responsibility and pay
  • $125 reissue fee after the mandatory 30-day suspension

This restricted license will not give you back all your former freedoms. This license is meant to allow you to get to and from any DUI treatment programs you are enrolled in, as well as to and from your job, school, or other obligations.

Medical Treatment License

If you have a serious health condition and require a vehicle to get to and from your medical treatments or appointments, you may be able to get a restricted medical treatment license as well. To obtain this license, you will need thorough documentation from a licensed health care provider, such as your physician.

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