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The Five Most Dangerous Days of the Year for DUI


There are a number of circumstances that can make a day more prone to DUI accidents, and thus make them more deadly than other days on the calendar. Law enforcement agencies are well aware of these DUI statistics, and step up their enforcement on these days to try to get as many intoxicated drivers off the road. This means you are most likely to come into contact with a police officer, and most likely to be arrested on these days as well. Let’s take a look at the five deadliest days in the United States each year.

1- July 4th

This one probably comes as no surprise. Independence Day is traditionally celebrated with barbecues, summer fun, and, for many people, lots of brews and booze. Once the fireworks end, a number of intoxicated drivers hit the road to head home, creating a perfect storm that is ripe with DUI-related accidents. Be extremely careful on the roads on this day.

2- September 2nd

This may seem like an odd one, but September 2nd is usually part of Labor Day weekend, which signals the end of what is known as the “most deadly 100 days” of each year. Many people celebrate this three-day weekend holiday as the end of summer, which often involves alcohol and more intoxicated drivers.

3- August 13th

The IIHS has discovered that seven of the 25 deadliest days of the year occur during the month of August, despite no major national holidays occurring during this period. It’s so bad, in fact, that August 13th has historically been one of the most deadly days of the year. This year, the 13th falls on a Sunday, so it may not be quite as high, but August 12th, that Saturday, could be deadly.

4- May 20th

This is a somewhat interesting day to make the list, as it occurs after Mother’s Day but before the start of the “most deadly 100 days,” Memorial Day, the following weekend. Between Memorial Day weekend and this day, May is one of the deadliest months of the year in total, signaling the start of what could be a long summer for law enforcement.

5- November 11th

The perils of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend are well-known for DUI fatalities, however the other holiday to occur this month, Veterans Day, is perhaps a bigger single-day threat than any of the single days over the Thanksgiving weekend alone. A number of bars and celebrations for those who have served lead to many intoxicated drivers, especially if this day falls on a weekend.

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